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Bratislava, 11. 07. 2023

Debt Counselling has already helped 10,000 clients

There are Free Debt Counselling Services in 46 cities across Slovakia today, providing legal, economic and psychological assistance to people in difficult financial situations. They also act as a prevention against excessive indebtedness. To date, they have already helped ten thousand clients to get out of the vicious circle of debts. This is also why the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family is trying to improve the quality of debt counselling. Thanks to cooperation with the umbrella organization for the fight against debt, the European Consumer Debt Network (ECDN), Slovakia gained access to the best practices of other European countries that already have extensive experience in debt counselling.

Since its establishment at the end of 2021, Free Debt Counselling has already provided professional counselling to ten thousand clients – individuals and families. Today, people can find help with solving their debt situation in 46 cities across Slovakia. They are provided with legal, economic and psychological help in one place. The counsellors thus cover all aspects of the debtors' problems, which is a key prerequisite for a comprehensive and effective solution to the debt situation. Experts help clients create a solution plan for their specific situation. At the same time, they act preventively so that clients avoid a situation with an excessive debt load in the future. “For a year and a half of operation, the services of Free Debt Counselling in Slovakia have proven to be very necessary and helpful. It is a satisfaction for us that we have been able to help thousands of clients to find a way out of the debt trap,” said the manager of the National Project Free Debt Counselling, Ladislav Šutý.

In order to further improve services for clients, Free Debt Counselling became a member of the European umbrella organization for the fight against debt – European Consumer Debt Network (ECDN) in March of this year. “Membership in ECDN allowed us to access sources of best practices from European countries that have more extensive experience in debt counselling,” stressed Ladislav Šutý.
At the same time, Slovakia can now have its representative to affect policies for the protection of financial consumers and fight against the excessive debt burden of the population at the European level. ECDN also focuses on research on the debt situation and financial literacy of EU residents. It is an important database of data on the causes of indebtedness of individuals in various EU countries, as well as on the structure and methods of solving their debts.

The renewed website www.pomahamedlznikom.sk also monitors the improvement of services for people with excessive debts. It provides useful recommendations for various life situations, as well as tips on how to manage family finances. The new feature is a link to the website of the umbrella European organization ECDN and also to the European project PEPPI (Prevention of a European Platform for the Prevention of over-Indebtedness). The English version of the website is also included.

You can also find more information about Free Debt Counselling services on Facebook

Free Debt Counselling is a national project implemented by the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family through the European Social Fund under the Operational Program Human Resources. You can find more information here: